Oh hey there awesome peeps.
Fancy meeting you here!

Welcome to my little ole’ site and AIR HIGH FIVE for clicking on my link. I’m a pint sized wedding warrior determined to make sure that your ceremony is a smashing success and is something people won’t stop talking about.

No two couples are ever the same so I see absolutely no reason why your ceremony should be run of the mill. If you wanna be my couple (you gotta get with my friends … no that’s weird, don’t do that) the rules are fairly simple:



We will NOT be doing anything stock standard, we are gonna personalise the heck out of your day;


I will encourage you to break the mould and have the kind of event that truly reflects you;


When you get in touch with me, I will answer; be it email, text, call, carrier pigeon. I’m all over it like white on rice;


You can ask me for input on anything wedding related you can think of. I have ridiculously awesome wedding mates and mad searching skills so ask away;

and, most importantly…


We are a TEAM and our mission is to rock your day the best way we can.

Let there be Video

It’s not always easy to get to know someone just by words and images alone. So, here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ my amazing friends at Calyco Productions put together so that you can hear just how ridiculously obsessed with creating EPIC weddings I am.

**CONTENT WARNING – Yes I am a big dork and SOOOO proud of it. Peace out P-Town.**

Big love to my featured couple – Tara and Cam and the work of the talented vendors/venue involved- Flights of Fancy by Kristy, Maisey Collections, Katie Cooper Floral Design and Paper Bird Studio


“You were the Gandalf to our epic quest, the Lumiere to our Cogsworth, the Hermione to our Ron and the Obi Wan to our Luke.  You came with Pez, stole everyones’ hearts, and put so much love and magic in to our ceremony that we haven’t stopped laughing, smiling or talking about it since then.  

Thank you for the love you put in to telling our story, the space you gave us to be ourselves, and the belly laughs you gave us along the way.

You lit up our ceremony and we would have been lost without you.”

Jess & Michael

So, if there is anything you want to know or if you just want to discuss the brilliance that is zombie movies (serious topic indeed), please get in touch! I want to be part of the fun and I want to make sure you enjoy the ride, every step of the way.