What’s cool about me

Hey peeps, my name is Dilhari – yes slightly complicated name but totes easy when you get the hang of it (Dil –haar – ee). I’m a ridiculously cool little lady obsessed with shoes, wine, adventures and the fine art of multitasking.

By day I swim with the big kids in the legal world but, by night, I throw off the corporate wear and throw myself into things that make me giddy and excited … like being a kick ass celebrant. I have a spunky husband by my side that accepts my need to constantly be busy and am a mum/step mum to two amazing yet patience testing young lads.

I started Kiss Me You Fool because, quite simply, I love LOVE! All those moments that hit you right in them feels … it’s why I do what I do. I may be a bit left of centre, be distracted by shiny objects and sometimes laugh so hard I can’t breathe (it can get ugly) but when it comes to weddings, I know how to take your day to a whole new level of awesome!

5 things it’s imperative you know about me

Who am I?

I like to find the happy in every day. I often jam it out to Bob Marley songs and really love making lists (can’t you tell?). I eat so much Italian food I believe I am 1/8th Italian and in my rare spare time, Netflix and I are best friends.

Why celebrant?

You get the chance to see humans at their happiest and most loved up. You get to watch moments that sometimes become etched in your mind forever and make you realise that we are very lucky indeed.

Fave wedding moment so far?

When Jason and Tamika gave me incredible creative license at their wedding and when they opted to “top gun high five” rather than kiss to seal the deal. It rocked my world so so much!

Family guy or Walking Dead?

Oh this is too easy. Walking Dead all the way. I am sooo oddly super keen on zombies I think it scares hubby sometimes. Meh, zombies are wicked cool and one day when there is a plague I’ll think of saving him.

How my family describes me.

Loving, a hugger, passionate, unique (I think they mean in the good way … right?), hilarious, professional with oodles of character.

Yay! You made it all the way down here and learnt a bit about me on the way.

Now feel free to hit me up to check my availability or just to scope me out a little more…