Is Pup-pup comin’? (Having your dog at your wedding)

Is Pup-pup comin’? (Having your dog at your wedding)

Picture this … you’re sitting there in front of your laptop, ticking things off with gusto from that wedding planning list and looking smug AF (and rightly so you wedding boss) when all of sudden who should appear by your side, ball in mouth, desperate for your attention?  None other than your daily gram inspo, your schmoopsy faced baby cakes … YOUR FUR BABY.  It’s then that you feel mildly ill because you realise that your most brilliant of days won’t be complete without your hairy child there.  But you cringe at the thought of just how the shit you are going to make this happen???  

Well never fear, I found your gal; Perth’s doggy whisperer (I dubbed her this and I rock so it’s stickin), pet expert … let’s just call her the PET ORACLE.  I got the chance to meet the ridiculously knowledgeable Shannon from Walks and Borks (what a biz name by the way – LURVE IT) and I know you’re definitely gonna be pickin up what she’s puttin down. 

I hitch a lot of lovers and the number of fur kids at weddings is definitely on the rise and with fantastic reason … those eyes, those ears … the ENDLESS SNUGGLES.  So, I thought it was about time I consult the expert and ask for her top tips on having your pooch at your wedding.  Here’s what Shannon had to say. 

1. Be a Realist

You obviously want to include the other love of your life because it’s going to A) Be Cute as Hell and B) They are family. DUH! But there’s a reason they say not to work with animals or kids – shit can be cray cray and both definitely have a MIND OF THEIR OWN.  If your dog has crowd anxiety, socialisation issues or is just lacking some good ole’ fashioned manners, you may be setting them – and your hitchin’ moment – up for some low grade calamity. Having realistic expectations of your doggo means NO DISAPPOINTMENT.   

2. Play to your dog’s strengths

Does your dog walk well on lead? Do they have a solid sit? Are they social AF? Thinking about what your dogs’ strengths and weaknesses are will play into how they can be involved in their parents getting their marriage on. If your dog doesn’t resemble a kite in a storm when on lead, being a Ring Bearer or Flower Pup may be the perfect job for them. If they can nail ‘sit’ or ‘lay down’ like nobodies’ business, having them in your photos is a great way to UP THAT CUTE FACTOR.
Got a shy doggo? Incorporating them into your ‘Get Ready’ snaps is the perfect way to include them without overwhelming them. 

3. Let your picture ninja know

Your photographer may or may not have worked with animals before or may be so obsessed with animals you have to remind them to focus on YOU and not just little Ace.  Just giving them the heads up is always a great idea so they can do some research and plan out some great shots that can go straight to the Pool Room. 

4. Check your venue is pet friendly

This seems like a no brainer but each venue has its own policies regarding pets based on Health and Safety or even heritage listings.  Don’t get yourself into a position where at the very last minute, the venue has to pull the hard line and you are forced to Notebook sob it out at the absolute injustice of it all.  Do the right thing.  Get the 411 early.    

And last but definitely not least …

5. Hire a pet chaperone

You’ve hired professionals for your flowers, your ceremony, all the GET IN MY BELLY FOOD, so why trust an amateur with your best friend? Plus, your guests are there to celebrate love (and enjoy a cheeky G&T) not worry about making sure your fur child is sneaking cake samples. Your wedding crew is there to support you and your person; your Pet Chaperone is there to support YOUR pup. They’ll be able to help get your dog ready, have fun and stay calm at every step of the way; armed with treats, squeakers and a whole head of tips & tricks to get the job done. Plus, they’ll be able to take your woofer home to relax while you hit that D floor, all night long.   

Free Bonus Tip:A good P.C. will have a Dog Date (AKA some 1 on 1 time with your pup) to gauge what is realistic for your dog and will be able to recommend how best to include them. 

So … what do you think?  Doesn’t all that make you just wanna scoop up your lil bowwow and twerk around the room endlessly because YOU know that having them watch you get hitched, is not a pipe dream. It’s more than achievable and will make for the most fantastic memories where your whole lil fam gets in on the action.  

For what it’s worth … my not so little hot tip is to get cracking on booking your pet chaperone so that you know your waggy tailed bubba is in the BEST hands possible **

To get more info on Perth’s best PC, get in touch with Shannon.  She is definitely YOUR GAL!; Insta: @walksandborks; Facebook: Walks and Borks

 **Please note that should you be bringing your pupper to a wedding that I am doing, you must agree to 3 simple terms.  (1) I must get monthly photos from your pooch in the lead up to your wedding (bonus points for epic costumes), (2) I must be allowed unlimited cuddles on the wedding day and (3) post-ceremony, if they disappear, don’t come looking at my house. THE END!

Images featured by these brilliant lens lords: Pia at Mad Love Nation, Marcus at Studio Impressions and Ania at Enriched by Light Photography.

Dilhari Mahiepala

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